Sunday, October 6, 2013

Discovering The Story of a Life

Thursday October 3rd

The B2B team began their workshops at Help Lesotho today with a group of business people from Hlotse as Butha Buthe.  Rob B presented a seminar on ‘Conscious Capitalism’ that went over so well and was transforming even for our own team as they were really challenged to look for ways that their business can really benefit those in need as well.  They worked on business plans with the local people on everything from running a poultry farm to a pizza place, from a beauty salon to fresh produce. 

I went back for my second day of camp with LXP Youth (the Leadership Experience) and continued to have the amazing opportunity to build relationships with the youth there.  When I arrived, I was made aware that one of the leaders, Godfrey, was quite sick from a poisonous spider bite.  He did get medication as we prayed for him as well and it would take a good 24hrs for him to get back on his feet.  Elizabeth shared in the 2nd session that focused the kids on the question of what is in my box that is holding me back, limiting me from truly knowing real freedom in Christ.  She had them go explore outside and spend time alone with God.  They then had to draw a box and write it down on paper.  Free time followed and I got to play soccer with the youth, but also watch some unique games where 4 girls would hold a line in a box and others would launch themselves over the lines using running hand stands.  Lunch was creative as well as we were sent on a scavenger hunt to find it located in boxes around the school and that consisted of a half slice of bologna, a solid chunk of steamed bread and apples and all located separately…the kids ate up the opportunity too!  The afternoon highlight was “The Amazing Race” where the youth had to take inflatable mattresses across a very muddy pond.  They weren’t sure about it at first, but once they were in, the laughter started and some of them forgot about the race and just decided to float around instead.

Prior to supper the youth were encouraged to do one on one’s with each other and share more about themselves, what is in their box etc. and I was also blessed by this time as I talked with students as well.  Here are some of the stories I heard today.  Some of their names are so hard to pronounce and so most, if not all, have an English name…not sure how they get it, but it works for me.

Lackey’s story (his English name), 17

He shared with me how he made a commitment to wait till marriage before having sex.  He told me how this decision had been the result of “Beat The Drum,” the group that came to the schools and did presentations on abstinence.  The message on purity really spoke to him; however, as soon as his friends found out, they really mocked him.  He said it had been very hard as he was called a coward among other names, but he was staying strong.  He basically told me that the norm for guys is to try to sleep around with as many girls as possible and that shows that you are a real man.  However, he had new confidence and has been able to see through the lies.

Thato P.,  18

She opened up with me and shared how she had just started coming to LXP Youth as a result of “Beat The Drum”.  She shared how she was behind in school a couple of years as she broke her arm and then also got pregnant when she was 16.  Initially her parents were very upset but the family rallied around her and she had a baby boy, Christopher Samuel.  However, Christopher got very sick this past April and the doctors were not able to diagnose him and he passed away.  As the tears rolled down her face, she shared how the whole family grieved his loss and also saw her brother cry for the first time as well.  While she doesn’t understand why this happened, she is coming here and discovering real love and also learning so much about God’s amazing plans for her life.  She takes time to underline promises in the Gideon’s Bible that she has and takes His promises to heart.

Innocentia, 17

She came to LXP from a Catholic home and has also learned so much here.  She has been attending the youth group for 4 years and tells me she needs to not care so much what other people think of her and be confident in being herself. 

Students just randomly came to me to talk about their desire to follow God and exclaiming “I’m out of the box!”  The message is taking root.

In the evening session the youth were challenged to let go of what they were holding on to in their box and bring it forward as an act of faith.  They dropped their lists up at the front and it turned into a real “freedom session”.  We took time to pray over the youth as they prayed over each other as well.

We closed out the night by watching “Remember The Titans”.  It was then time for us to crash and I slept in a classroom with a packed group of guys, over 40 of us just spread out on mattresses on the concrete floor.  It was a great time being with them and I didn’t even get pranked!

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