Sunday, October 6, 2013

Big Tent Revival

It was rise and shine early this morning for me as I prepared a highlight video for the LXP youth camp and went back for the last morning together as they wrapped up.  It was quite a morning for them as they ran out of power, ran out of propane and there was no water.  Imagine that happening in Canada…time to shut the camp down! At LXP, they just improvise, flip the program around, pray, worship, they find more propane and thankfully the water and electricity get restored.  Camp ends and everyone wants pictures with everyone there, the minivan/buses get completely loaded down, the Toyota Helix pickup I’ve been driving gets loaded down and we are ready to go.  I can’t wait to show you the video of how many youth pack into one of these small buses, it is a sight to see!  I said my goodbyes to people I will remember to pray for including a young girl with the English name, Happy!  I will not forget her beautiful smile.

Sharon and I relaxed in the afternoon and then we drove back to Butha Buthe to spend time at Pastor James and ‘M’e Matsepo’s home around 5pm.  Sharon had a great evening to visit with her while PJ and I went out to one of his church plants in a village near Calendonspoort. 

We arrived there and Pastor Apollo Creed (his English name of course) was there to greet us out outside a large 30x60ft tent. PJ had led this man to the LORD at a student outreach.  We got in there and it was all set up with mics, speakers, keyboards and lights.  A group of young girls and ladies were singing and leading worship.  I looked behind me and saw a handful of people; however as the singing continued more and more people kept flooding in till the place was packed out.  I continued to look behind and noticed a group of guys dancing to the worship songs so I thought well I might as well join them. It turned out to be quite the workout as we were jumping up and down, moving side to side, right down to the ground in a twist like fashion. It then turned into a conga line that went up and down the main aisle.  For the record, I did not start this conga line!  After the music, the pastor had some people came forward to share testimonies and stories of healing.  There had been meetings taking place there all week. During the sharing time,  PJ  leans over to me and says, ‘do you have a message brother?’  At this point I am full of sweat wiping my face with my t-shirt and my answer…’sure’!   So, I shared on Matthew 6:19-21 and where real treasure is found as well as on the theme of living water.  I shared the gospel and about 50 people came forward for prayer.  PJ, Apollo Creed and I prayed over them  and then PJ had people who needed healing come forward, more prayer and then prayer for those who had lost a family member and again a time of prayer ensued.  After we headed back to PJ’s home, but only after someone gave us a hot meal that included chicken and papa.  The only problem with that was when we arrived back at their place, ‘M’e had already made us supper as well so there we were eating beef and rice at 10:30pm.  We then got back in the Helix and drove back to Hlotse… just another day in Africa!!

About the title...

Big Tent Revival was a great Christian band in the 90s and nothing could be more appropriate for what I experienced tonight!

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