Thursday, May 10, 2012

A poem on love by Addi

Often in a world where followers of Jesus are marginalized, it was refreshing to hear that Addi was allowed to share her poem with her whole public school today!   Students in her class were asked to write a poem on love and she was chosen to read it for the "Multiple Intelligence Assembly".  Addi's teacher told her that she would have to leave out "His name is Jesus,' but she didn't accept that and so she decided to go to the vice principal.   The vice principal decided that she would be allowed...after all, she said, it is your opinion! :)

So here is her poem!

Love, what is the meaning of love?
Love is a strong affection that connects us in perfection; more that emotion because it is filled with devotion

Love is the greatest feeling that I feel for you every day.
You’re the one I can’t forget—
I think of you each morning, I think of you each night, always knowing that you will hold me tight
Sometimes I sit and wonder, why—why would you love me?
But I think to myself and smile knowing the list would go miles.

I love the way you make me happy, the ways you show how you care, knowing you’re always there.
I love how you’re the first person to talk to when my spirit needs a lift; your love is truly a gift.

This love no one can replace; it is a love that wants to be in first place.
It is a heart for the broken and the poor, his love sees people that others ignore.
He died on a cross with his arms open wide because as far as the east is from the west, his love crosses the divide

His name is Jesus; he calls us his friends if we would accept his love on us it will descend

Addi Ninaber

It was a love letter to Jesus...thank you for making my daughter bold and unashamed for You and not being willing to take no for an answer!

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