Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 12 - Clean Sweep

Read Luke 10:38 -11:13

God's greatest desire is to be your dwelling place.  The  Lord's Prayer has been described as a floor plan for God’s House.  It is our Father that wants us to. warm our heart by the fire in the living room, to nourish our spirit in the kitchen, to step into the hallway and find forgiveness. It is a house built especially for us.  It is the kind of house that Mary wanted.  It is the kind of house Martha wanted and yet one of them got it and the other missed it.  It also models the prayer that Jesus would want us to pray

So here we have Mary and Martha as they both prepared for Jesus coming over for lunch.  Listen in on a  possible conversation that might have taken place today.  Martha speaks, “We are going to have God in the flesh, we must clean this place up, Jesus needs to at least see the floor and we need to lay out a spread!  He did say that all food can be sanctified by Him, but I think I will go with a roast beef dinner.  Mary, get in here and mash the potatoes!” Mary responds, “why  don’t we just order in, I just want to be in Jesus’ presence.”  The more she sees Mary just sitting there on the patio as she paces back and forth from the kitchen to the BBQ, the more furious she gets until she finally snaps.  Lord, don’t your care…tell Mary, here to get with the program and help me get this wonderful meal ready.  The table is not set. 
Jesus calmly addresses the situation.  He doesn’t get angry, in fact he says, Martha, Martha.  Now, anytime in Ancient Near East History when someone addresses a person’s name twice, it is a term of endearment.  To worry as Jesus told Martha meant that she was wrapped up in the distractions, the ‘outside noise’ and one thing is needful.

David knew it when he said, ‘I only ask one thing from the Lord.  This is what I want; let me live in the Lord’s house all my life.  Psalm 27:4
Doing stuff for God is not as important as spending time with Him.  Have you found the one thing?

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