Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ministry in the Hospital

Last night Anita cooked an amazing BBQ for us on the top floor where I am staying. We had sausage, chicken and beef...lots of carne sade! We were entertained by Lynn who was playing with the children who received their ‘Canadian’ hats. The best part was when Lynn had them pretend they were on a bus ride with her. Afterwards we settled in and played ‘screaming dice’ and ‘tens’ together. We had to insist that Anita not prepare breakfast for us because she has been so good to us, she needed a break.

This morning Pastor Victor picked us up at 9:30 and we went to the sick kids ward of the local hospital with the amazing team of volunteers, Rosarita, Hipatia and Guadalupe. It was there that we encountered children with various sicknesses and diseases ranging from hepatitis to lupus, bacterial infections and of course, HIV. We had the privilege to pray for healing in Jesus`name and the opportunity to minister to the families there. Lynn brought some little toy animals for the children. It was very emotional as parents broke down with us and we tried to bring comfort and hope through His power. We also met with Greta, the nurse here along with her staff.
We then were invited back to Rosarita`s place for lunch and enjoyed another large, they love feeding us down here.

Pastor Victor picked us up at 4pm and we headed downtown to the market and surprise...gave Lucie the keys to drive and she did stellar work. We look at all the local art and handcrafts and Sharron purchased some presents. After that we walked along the waterfront and headed up 444 steps to a great lookout point where we could see the whole city and airport.

From there we went to Katherine's home and had another great meal prepared by her sister Wendy. We were joined by Pastor Walter and Pastor Victor's family as well as Yvonne. We introduced them to 'screaming dice' and laughed so hard it hurt. They were all great sports and the team of Tatiana and Pastor Walter won...he says he is ready for Vegas now.

We arrived back at our abode and debriefed tonight as I shared on unity from Ephesians 4 and we closed together in prayer.

Tomorrow we return to do evangelism work in San Ignacio with Pastor Luis. On Thursday night we will be holding a service and inviting all the families in the community to join us.

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