Thursday, November 12, 2009

Back to the Street!

Well today began with Sharron needing to be attended to as she was having dizzying spells. It turned out just to be a need for some more rest and she was on her feet in the afternoon. Anita and the team here were all over it.

We headed back to the streets of Fragata (a run down area of Guayaquil) and once again had the opportunity to share our testimonies and pray over the people there and invite them to the service on Thursday night. Once again, the people were very open and responsive to us. Most of them were very willing to listen and open their homes to us as well. Two laides that Pastor Gustavo and I met were Mariela and Teresa. They were honest and spoke about the fact that they liked to drink and dance. I told them they could instead dance for Jesus! By the end of the conversation, the Spirit was moving and Pastor G had the opportunity to lead them to the Lord. Lynn ministered with Pastor Victor and Lucie was with Pastor Luis. Eventually Tatiana, Anita, another lady and Pastor Walter joined us as well.

We also met a Catholic barber during our walk and he spoke to us through his window. It was clear from the start that this man, Efrian, loved Jesus and knew the Word. He had a broken nose and he shared how it happened to him during a confrontation with a man who had no interest in hearing about God and broke it as he punched him. He shared how he continues to pray for that man. After, I took the opportunity to pray for him and then he wanted to do the same for me. Here is a man with little to nothing and he was praying for my prosperity....very humbling for sure. After lunch we had our down time...siesta...Pastor Walter is always telling me that I need rest - starting to get a complex...

Anyways we took some time to hit a gas station for ice cream treats on our own with our hosts really cautioning us to be careful. We then got a chance to hit a local grocery store with Pastor Victor and the entourage of the group that goes with us wherever we go to pick up some tastes from about not captain crunch but peanut butter crunch cereal!! We also picked up pancake mix and breakfast goodies. From there we hit the local market...some of these markets are set up right under the about making good use of space!

After another wonderful meal prepared by Anita, Yvonne and Ligia took Lucie and I out for some Cosmic Bowling! We had a great night as Lynn and Sharron decided to stay in for a chick flick.

Tonight during our prayer time, the theme of what God has been speaking to us about is laying up our treasures in heaven and how the people here are amazing examples of hospitality and generosity! It was another great time of prayer and then time to crash before we do it all again tomorrow!

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