Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Soul Salsa

I have been continuing to read Gary Thomas' book, Beautiful Fight, and I love how he writes about service in the chapter on 'Hands and Feet Used By God'.

Service is salsa to the soul... (pretty fitting term for being here in Mexico)

People often talk about the blessings of being a believer, usually referring to financial provision, physical healing, reunited families and the like. Without denying that God indeed offers such gifts, we would do well to remind ourselves that service is among the most cherished blessings that God bestows. What was true in the time of Moses is just as true today: "I (the LORD) am giving you the service of the priesthood as a gift." Numbers 18:7

I really can resonate with the truth of this and I can't thank those of you enough who have supported us both financially and prayerfully as a family as well as the elders of Southside for the opportunity to truly be part of an amazing project...the Ensenada Project.

The mission here is to create long term change through short term teams and you can definitely see and feel the effects of what is being accomplished here in love. It is such a joy to serve the churches and families here.

At the end of the week, the teams will take up a love offering to furnish both of the homes and Sharon is thrilled as she will be part of the team to purchase the items for the families' new homes! So the excitement continues....

This morning all the teams had the morning off so we spent some family time together and Rick gave our family his pick up to bomb around in. So, while we were at one store this morning, he came by and moved the pick up to another spot nearby. So, needless to say Sharon and I freaked out thinking it was stolen until we spotted it... being the object of a great prank. We enjoyed pizza out at a local restaurant for lunch and it tasted pizza ever, but maybe something to do with the fact that its been a while.

After lunch Jordan and I were back on the site with our team working on finishing the cable ends, finishing up trim work, adding the drip guard, more mudding and drywall and definitely on track to finish by Friday which is great. Sharon and the rest of the kidlets participated in the children's afternoon VBS ministry.

For supper at the Second Floor we, along with the teams, had another authentic Mexican dish prepared by Tomasa, called Huaraches, chicken or ground beef prepared on a thicker tortilla with some kind of interesting chocolate sauce as well as lettuce, cheese, sour cream and of course beans cooked in bacon fat on the side!

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