Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Aposento Alto!

Pastor Renairo and Jordan lifting up the wall on the second floor of his church, Rosa De Sharon!

On Sunday we visited Francisco's church, Aposento Alto, the church of the Upper Room.

They worshiped together at the Temple each day, met in homes for the Lord’s Supper, and shared their meals with great joy and generosity Acts 2:46

There was a real sense here of a group of people with one mind and heart to glorify and praise God. I could feel the love of God here in their common desire. The service was three hours long...the longest of all the churches, but it was not the length that stood out to me as much as those who were there. The service began at 4pm and it was a great time to start I think for those who were in attendance. The really cool thing here was that over 50% of those who attend here are youth. They are active worshippers as many are involved in leading as well. The worship with everything they got and there was a group of young guys who came up at one point and jumped up and down and danced as the high energy songs were played. Pastor Francisco played the drums and it was vibrant.

The question I thought to myself was how many youth in Canadian churches would stay engaged that long? They listened intently as an older man preached for over an hour. There was also a time of communion, a time to come forward and be prayed over which many did, children sharing their verses and what they learned, more worship and then snacks outside at 7pm. They had churros (crunchy noodle like sticks) with hot sauce and lime, little chocolates, cold coke as we lingered with them for a while, laughed and shared together outside.

Following our time there we headed back to the orphanage where the team from Princeton Alliance is staying at and had a late supper before heading back to the Romanos.

Monday morning came way to early again as we sorted and prepared tools for the 4 house builds along with the church build at 6am. We then headed over for prayer and Rick and I joined the team to work on the Rosa De Sharon church site at Renairo's. I guess you would have to say it is a fitting project for us to finish up our time here in Ensenada on.

We are building a second floor on top of the existing church and Jordan and Bryn worked alongside me as I operated the chop saw for most of the day cutting the 2x6's to frame the walls as well as trimming the windows. Jord got to hammer in studs, one of his fav jobs as Bryn joined the painting crew after delivering my cuts to the upper floor.

Tonight we had a near scare with Rylan as he was launched by a 'not so bright' teen on the teeter totter and came pretty close to breaking his collar bone. He is badly bruised but he was checked out by an ER nurse on the team and he should be OK.... We just keep remembering the Lord's promise to us in Psalm 91

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