Wednesday, July 15, 2009

31 degress 51' N 116 degrees 36'W

Service reminds us that Christianity isn't about keeping our faith as much as it is about spreading our faith. Religious meetings are the means not the end; they don't define us!

Gary Thomas in The Beautiful Fight

The beauty of Christian service is that it keeps you on the move, but one wonders what happened? Why is it that most believers come to church with their napkin tucked into their neck instead of a towel hanging over their wrist?

I think it is important for us to keep fighting the mentality that states what am I getting out of this instead of how can I invest myself in what matters for eternity...

And then its not just about going out and doing service or doing evangelism. We love to serve because it flows out of a heart that Jesus captured and I love Him so much.

Every morning before we pull out the tools or even begin on the worksite we pray. We pray with the national pastors and we pray through Scripture and it is awesome. When we get to the worksite and before we pull out the tools, we gather around and pray, the real power tool and the lady we are building the home prays with us...We join hands and then shake the love around!

The beat goes on and we are now pass the halfway point on our home and the confidence is building! no pun intended. Our team continues to do excellent work and I am really enjoying working alongside them and seeing the progress we make at the end of everyday.

Tomorrow we pull out the roll of shingles and tar and finish the mudding on the drywall while the ministry with the children continues on in the afternoon. Tonight at the debrief meeting we were able to perform our drimes for the teams that our staying here.

By the way, we got some drops of rain last night enough to spare the people here from spraying the road with their own hoses for a few hours. It has rained only twice since we've been here and for only mere minutes.

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