Monday, June 29, 2009

Francisco's PAD...The Upper Room!

Well today we had a wonderful time of prayer to begin the day at 'the second floor'. The second floor is the ministry center where the interns live and where our meals are served. We started around 8:30am and it was wonderful because we prayed together with the pastors who are church planting here so prayers were lifted up in Spanish and English, tears were shed and passion was definitely felt as Spanish worship music played in the background. After that we were off to our first job site, Francisco's church which is called, 'Aposento Alto'...Upper Room. We are building up the retaining wall for the church as it plans to expand it's facility. It was definitely a lot of manual labour from digging gravel and dirt as well as placing cinder blocks. Rylan worked hard with us in the morning but was definitely pooped by lunch. Sharon and Jordan were sweating it up with me as we worked with a group of the interns today led by Dan. The girls stayed back today and worked around the Romano's house pulling weeds and doing housework. The church has a beautiful view on a sharp hillside overlooking the city. Tonight we will spend time ministering to each other and meeting to debrief.

Yesterday, Sunday, we visited our first church where Pastor Faustino ministers and the kids were able to perform their drimes for the church. It was great to know one of the worship songs, Alabare, as our kids learned it before we left. They also were taught in youth church to be eagles, not chickens which was very memorable for Jordan!

After church, we visited La Bufadora, which is a large open market leading to a very fun blowhole that shoots up water from the ocean. In the evening we enjoyed a fireside with the interns and Rick introduced to quite the treat, bananas cooked with chocolate in tin foil in the's all good!

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