Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No Doubt!

Unfortunately I'm on a public computer and I can't upload pictures, so I've decided to share my stories without being able to show them...Jesus told us that blessed are those who can't see and still believe. So, this is a snapshot of my 'no doubt' stories!

No Doubt... our lives testify to whose we are!

Today we visited Caesarea, the place where Peter led Cornelius, the first known Gentile to the Lord. They experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit here and a water baptism soon followed in this very place.

and there could be no doubt about it for they heard them speak in tongues and praising God. Acts 10:46

It would be this very Roman culture that would make sport of the death of Christians in the ampitheatre from the maulings to the crucifixions in between their great theatre - they used them like commercial breaks. It was said for this culture at that time that if blood was spilt it was a good time. So, when Christianity reigned in this place, these events were put to death and the people here became known as the Byzantine believers.

NO Doubt the Bible is truth!

It was also here that through excavation that the inscription of Pontius Pilate was found dedicating this port city to Caesar Augustus making it no doubt that the outside sources confirm the account of the New Testament. Caesarea had an amazing port for trade and sophisticated store houses that were used to worship the god of war as well as the home of a hippodome where chariot races took place as well as gladiator fights. We also saw the remains of the bath houses here from that era.

No Doubt the Jewish people have suffered excruciating defeats and death at the hands of godless nations!

At 10am today we stood in silence as sirens sounded marking this day the National Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust. It was on the eve of this special occasion that this nation would have to endure the stupidity and godless remarks of the Iranian president calling this country racist. We must vow to never let history repeat herself again as it did for 6 million Jews. Interesting that Iran is modern day Babylon...

There is No Doubt when God shows up!

We travelled through the city of Haifa and then went on to Mount Carmel. From here we stood at the site where it is believed that Elijah had his incredible showdown with the prophets of Baal. I also was able to converse with Hasidic Jews here complete with their beannie hats as a constant reminder of God, black and white attire along with their prayer tassels hanging from their pockets.

From here we stopped to eat a great falafel complete with chick peas and all the fresh vegetables and the we were off to our next site visit

There is No Doubt who will win in the end!

We visited the site of Megiddo where 21 layers of civilizations have been excavated all built on each other. We stood at the entrance of the city gate from Solomon's era and imagined what it must have been like to be here for the city gate was the CNN of its time. All the news stories broke right here and the wisdom of the elders was given. We then walked underground through a long water aqueduct that was created during the reign of Ahab to bring water from the springs into this fortified city especially during times of war and there were many. Megiddo was a major crossroads from Egypt right to Mesopotamia

It is in this very place that John prophecies that the final battle of Armageddon will take place.

There is No Doubt that I can't walk on water, but I know who can!

We arrived at the Tulip Inn by the Sea Of Galilee after 5pm after being on the road since 7:45am for a much needed break and time to really soak in all of what took place today. It was funny when I left because Rylan asked me if I was going to try to walk on water. Well, I did, but it didn't work...walked through the water and had a really great swim....I don't know, but it is pretty surreal being here :)

Well I end tonight's blog by sharing the importance of letting our lives to testify to the awesome reality of our faith so there is no doubt about it...We are His and He is ours!

Good night from the Sea of Galilee!

Blessings, Jack

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